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Proven effectiveness against enveloped viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi
Compliant with EU biocidal regulations and made in the UK

NO more landfills! Nilaqua has pledged to produce more eco-friendly alternatives, reduce plastic waste and choose more sustainable materials. We are proud to present Nilaqua biodegradable wipes. These wipes are made of natural cellulose fibre so not only is it powerful and effective on germs, but much kinder to the planet.

Or biodegradable wipes are ideal for the home, work areas, cars, hospitals wards, care homes, schools and kitchens.

Price From - £1.95
inc VAT - £2.34

  • Kills upto 99.99% of viruses and 99.9999% of bacteria from 30 seconds
  • Alcohol free & vegan friendly
  • Delicate Pomelo Fragrance
  • Halal compliant
  • Non tainting to surfaces
  • Tested skin safe
Monthly Specials

AirForce One

The AirForce One compact compressor nebulizer offers a cost-effective and reliable form of aerosol therapy. The easy-to-operate and durable unit can be used on adult and pediatric patients

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The Avail / CY63

• Length – 1930mm or 1980mm
• Width – 910mm
• Depth – 152mm
• Weight – 11 kg
• Warranty – 2 years

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The Serenity / CY73


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Sonoma Bedpads

Sonoma offers a great combination of comfort, performance and price. The highly absorbent soaker layer is complimented by a long life top surface and a fluid proof barrier.

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fluid proof latex free, breathable duvets come with an impermeable cover and resilient polyester inner fill. By having a simple, wipe clean surface, these pillows and duvets require no laundering whilst being comfortable, hygienic and economical. Flame Retardant to British Standard BS 7175.

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