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Cleenzyme Hair Degrader - 1 Litre

Cleenzyme Hair Degrader - 1 Litre
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  • Cleenzyme Hair Degrader - 1 Litre
  • A unique non-toxic, biodegradable combination of microbial and chemical technologies which work in combination to significantly reduce the build-up of hair and associated blockages in sinks, showers and pipe work systems.
  • Hair degrader has been designed with the environment in mind and offers an effective, ecologically compatible alternative to more conventional caustic treatments.

Cleenzyme Hair Degrader - 1 Litre

Regular use of Cleenzyme Hair Degrader effectively removes hair and body fat build-up in drains and sink plug holes.  It removes the source of smells and eliminates the cause of blockages and other drainage problems.

Contains up to 20 doses.

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